Breathing ritual for spine health. Part Three Lumbar & Sacrum

The five lumbar vertebra next for anyone continuing from part one or two….

The lumbar spine is strong and carries more weight than other parts of the spine. It offers less rotation than the thoracic spine.

The first, L1, just below the centre of the last rib attachment, breath in..2,3,4 and out…2,3,4.

And L2, breath in 2 ,3,4 notice the tension…wiggle or sway it out and breathe out 2,3,4.

L3, centre of the lower back, breath in 2 three, four, wriggle or sway to loosen and help release, and out 2,3,4.

L2, centre and level with the top of the hip bones, breath in 2,3,4……….notice.. and out 2,3,4.

L1 attaches to the sacrum, breath in 2,3,4 and out 2,3,4.

Peace be here.

The sacrum is five segments of bone, s1 – s5 and is fused together just before birth in the shape of a triangle forming the basis of the spine and pelvis. The nerves that exit this area control the bladder and bowels and sensation in the crotch area. It holds the hip bones in place…. Centre your breath, taking three deep breath in and out to make yourself comfortable, letting go before we move into intention guided practice.

S1 – breath in 2,3,4. And out 2,3,4.

S2 – breath in 2.3.4 and loosen and out 2,3,4……

S3 – breath in 2,3,4 let go the tightness in the are..and out 2,3,4….
S4 – wriggle sway and renegotiate your posture if you wish breath in 2,3,4 and out 2,3,4.

S5 – breath in 2,3,4 and out 2,3,4.

Last one for the whole of the sacrum, breathing in 2,3,4 and out 2,3,4.

And moving into the coccyx, the small set of 3 to five bones, commonly known as the tail bones. They are small and look like an inverted/upside-down triangle and often absorb shock from fall and pressure from falling sitting or leaning backwards.

Centre your breath breathing into your body and noticing its comfort. Be comfortable as you take your first of five breaths into the coccyx area, breath into the top of the coccyx where you feel it joins the sacrum ….and out…….and second breath in 2,3,4 and out……and one more to centre breath in….2,3,4 and out 2,3,4……

Now take your intention to encompass the whole are of the coccyx bone …breathing in 2,3,4 and out 2,3,4, and in.2,3,4 and out 2,3,4 and in wriggle sway or shake if you need to unblock or move any energy you are releasing, and out 2,3,4.

And in for one more peacefully 2,3,4 and out 2,3,4.

We have covered the whole of the spine. To finish 3 breathes. Take a deep breath in, feeling grateful that you have been kind to yourself for taking the time to do this health practice. Breathing out……So important that we do this for ourselves before any service to others. Breathing in ….and out for peace for you our connection to all things…

Breath in. and out. peace.

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