Breathing ritual for spine health. Part Two – Thoracic Spine

(continued from Part One)

The Thoracic Spine is made up of twelve vertebra. Responsible for the twisting movements its flexibility integral to our freedom of movement and being able to have all our organs function optimally. So valuable in preventing illness and encouraging quality living.

Breathe in for three counts and then out for three… for three and out for three…. Repeat this three times noticing your comfort in just breathing itself…the lungs, the tension release and your optimal comfort for the exercise….

I will say you are should be comfortable in your practice as the benefits will come more quickly … if you become uncomfortable, from a place of comfort it is easier for you to address this discomfort, and you are able to be reflective about this as a stress. Breath through that…start comfortably and release, breathe through tension as you go…and always ask a question of me if there are questions.

T1, thoracic vertebra one…breathe in….and out….and breathe in, notice any tightness…..and let it go, and out…..breath in, feel peaceful and out relax….breath in, feel yourself centring and relaxing into the breath…and out…..

T2, breath in…..reflect, breath out……breath in, notice tightness, and breath out…release.
Repeat breath in………………..breath out
Repeat…………2,3……breath out 2,3.

T3, again breath in 2,3 and breath out 2, 3…..breath in…..notice the freedom coming in the release, and breathe out 2,3.

T4, breath in ……wriggle or sway the tension out if you need to….breath out.

T5 breath in 2,3….breath out…2,3….breath in – we are between the shoulder blades now….breath out 2,3, 4……breath in 2,3,4 breath out, 2,3,4, adding another count as we slow down our breathing rhythm a little…..breath in 2,3,4 and out 2,3,4.

T6 breath in for a count of 4…..and out 2,3,4 breath in 2,3,4 and out 2,3,4. Breathe in , , 4, and out , , 4. Again wriggle sway or move any tension out of the spine back and shoulders….

T7, breath in, we are at the centre base of the shoulder blades now, and out 2,3,4. Breath in 2,3,4 and out 2,3,4. Breath in …….and breath out.

T8, breath in, we are now moving tension areas that will affect digestion, and out 2,3,4. Breathe in 2,3,4. And out 2,3,4 breath in 2,3, 4 shake wiggle or sway out the tension and out 2,3,4.

T9, continue…2.3.4 and out 2.3.4 breath in 2.3.4. and out 2.3.4. breath in you may notice the breath is moving into your belly which is good – and fine if it hasn’t and out …

T10, breath in 2,3,4, ..and out 2,3,4. Breath in and out…….keep going here and relax, breath in 2,3,4 and out 2,3,4…..

T11 breath in….2,3,4 and out 2,3,4, breath in letting of of the stress and honouring your self in the gentle breath and out 2,3,4. And in 2,3,4 and out let it all go…..

T12 breath in at the centre base of your 12th rib 2,3,4 and out 2,3,4 and in 2,3,4 and out 2,3,4….and in with living kindness and let go ……..well done. Peace be here…..

It is important when you’re doing this the first few times that you will wander off or your mind will over think…..this will dissipate with more regular practice…If you get to a place of your own rhythm and it is steady and independent of the group that is wonderful. The goal is that at some point your practice will become your own and unguided. I do recommend this however many people will establish this at various time and then have to re-establish it again depending on what life is throwing at them… I also feel that the practice needs to become very deliberate in the guided sense first so you are supported and you can notice – not avoid – any thoughts feelings pain or intuitive learnings that come through this practice.

Peace be here.

The five lumbar vertebra next for anyone continuing….see Part 3.

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