Simple dietary strategies for wellness according to Chinese Medicine.

Eating and drinking helps the body form Qi and Blood, essential for energy to mechanise the other systems in the body.

Very simply, food and drink enters the stomach and begins the digestive process, the Spleen and the Stomach work together, the Stomach receiving the food and beginning its breaking down, the Spleen then moves and transforms parts of the digested food and drink. For this to happen the environment needs to be warm and moist…

If warm and moist is the equilibrium for the Stomach and Spleen to provide fuel to the other systems then an environment in the Stomach and Spleen of too cold, too damp or to hot or too dry can be problematic.

To maintain a balance to support the initial stage of digestion we can eat foods that assist in nourishing the Stomach and Spleen.

How do we work out what foods enhance the warm and moist environment of the Stomach and Spleen? Review the table below to see if you can draw some conclusions about the natures of the listed foods

  • sweet potato
  • carrots
  • squash
  • cardamom
  • yams
  • papaya
  • pumpkin
  • cinnamon
  • ginger
  • honey
  • millet
  • rice

You can see, many of these food grow in or on the earth, not surprisingly the Stomach and Spleen are the organs and systems associated with the Earth element. The nature of these foods is that they are slightly sweet and are yellow and orange in colour. They are warming…

It is also good to eat foods that are slowly cooked because the enzymes are more readily assimilated. Cold foods are harsh on the stomach and spleen disrupting their best functioning. Cold slows and congeals and too much heat dries and also slows….

Start with breakfast. According to the Chinese medicine clock the stomach has the best capacity to digest food between 7-9am. A good breakfast strengthens the Qi so you are ready for the day!

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