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Irregular periods are best regulated – Early!


To increase optimal health.

We are mammals and we have a biology that purposefully runs in parallel with the hum of the universe. One of these very important biological cycles is menstruation. This is a cycle with a length similar to the moons. It has been this way for a long time…

– demonstrated by its word origin in Latin, “mensis” meaning month which is a derivative of the Greek word, “mene” meaning moon –

Naturally occurring as an opportunity to continue our species existence Menstruation ideally would be acknowledged as important and valuable….

Not, “a pain”, “a drag”, or a story of shame. Menstruation perceived as a wonderful phenomenon is ideal…and while we are lifting the veil of taboos…MOSTLY we are not there yet. We need to talk more about our cycles more regularly….and normalise this earlier in life so to identify potential peculiarities.

An irregular cycle suggests there could be a problem, a dis-ease, or disharmony. It is not uncommon for an irregular period to come with other signs and symptoms of disharmony…

By that I mean, it is not uncommon to hear;

‘I have period pain’, ‘I have bloating’, ‘I have cramping’, ‘I am moody’, ‘I get horrible headaches’. Also, ‘When my cycle arrives, I have very heavy flow’, ‘I have clotting’, ‘I feel extremely tired’.

How we navigate ‘growing pains’ definitely comes to define us. If teens have good help they can pilot effective ways to connect harmoniously with the natural cycles in life. Chinese Medicine offers sound philosophy that helps explain simply and logically the menstrual cycle and also offers ways that look to prevent disharmony and also harmonise them when out of sync.

As a practitioner I have helped several people regulate an irregular menstrual cycle. Please check in with your teen as regulating their menstrual cycle early and reducing irregularities and PMS symptoms may lead to increased fertility health later in life. It also increases the quality of their life as it experienced, present time.

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